Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)
These terms of services (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Services”) are to stipulate the duties and responsibilities of the company and service users and the other necessary matters regarding the use of the Game Service provided by Project Moon (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) online and through Mobile Devices and the network and other services accompanying it (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”).

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)
① The definitions of the terms used in these Terms are as follows.

1. “Company” means an operator that provides services online and through Mobile Devices.

2. “Member” means a person who enters into a service contract under these Terms of Services and uses the services provided by the Company.

3. “Temporary Member” means a person who provides only some information and uses only some of the services provided by the Company.

4. “Mobile Device” refers to a device that can be used for downloading or installing Contents, such as mobile phones, smartphones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and tablets.

5. “Game Service” means the game and all related services provided by the Company to Members online and on Mobile Devices.

6. “Account (ID)” means a combination of letters, numbers, or special characters assigned by the Company for Member identification and Game Service use.

7. “Account Information” collectively refers to the information provided by the Member to the Company, such as the Member’s Member number, external Account Information, device information, friend list, game usage information (character information, items, levels, etc.), usage fee payment information, etc.

8. “Contents” means all paid or free contents (games and network services, applications, game money, game items, images, videos, sound effects, in-game music, etc.) digitally created by the Company in connection with the provision of services so that they can be used online and on Mobile Devices.

9. “Open Market” means an e-commerce environment built to install and pay for game content online and on Mobile Devices.

10. “Application” refers to all programs downloaded or installed through Mobile Devices to use the services provided by the Company.

11. “Paid Payment” refers to payment through a Payment Company recognized by the Company to purchase or use Contents within the service.

12. “Payment Company” means a company that provides electronic payment methods that can be used in the Open Market, such as credit cards and mobile phone payments.
② The definitions of the terms used in these Terms of Services, except for those set forth in Paragraph 1 of this Article, shall be governed by related laws and service-specific policies.

Article 3 (Provision of company information, etc.)
The Company displays each of the following items within the Game Service so Members can easily recognize them. In addition, the personal information processing policy and Terms of Services can be viewed by Members through the connection screen.

1. Trade name and representative’s name;

2. Business address (including the address where complaints of Members can be handled)

3. Phone number, e-mail address

4. Business registration number

5. Mail-order business report number

6. Privacy Policy

7. Terms of Service

Article 4 (Effect and Change of Terms of Services)
① The Company posts the contents of these Terms of Services within the Game Service or on the connection screen so Members can know them. In this case, among the contents of these Terms of Services, important contents such as service interruption, subscription withdrawal, refund, contract cancellation/termination, and the Company’s disclaimer are clearly displayed in bold letters, colors, codes, etc., or through a separate connection screen, etc. It is handled in an easy-to-understand manner.
② When the Company revises the Terms of Services, it specifies the application date, details of the amendment, and the reason for the amendment and notifies the Members by posting on the Game Service or its connection screen from at least 7 days prior to the application date. However, if the changed content is unfavorable to the Member or is a significant change, it will be notified in the same way as in the text and notified to the Member by the method of Article 27, Paragraph 1, up to 30 days prior to the effective date. In this case, the contents before and after the revision are clearly compared and displayed so Members can easily understand them.
③ If the Company revises the Terms of Services, it is confirmed whether the Member agrees to the application of the revised Terms of Services after the notice of the revised Terms of Services. When the Company makes a notice or notice in Paragraph 2, it also provides a notice or notices that if the Member does not express his or her intention to agree or reject the revised Terms of Services, it may be deemed that he or she has consented. If the Member does not express his or her intention to reject the revised Terms of Services by the effective date of these Terms of Services, it can be deemed that he or she has agreed to the revised Terms and Conditions. If the Member does not agree to the revised Terms of Services, the Company or the Member may terminate the service use contract.
④ The Company takes measures so that Members can ask and answer questions about the Company and the contents of these Terms of Services.
⑤ The Company is subject to 「Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce」, 「Regulation of Terms of Services Act」, 「Game Industry Promotion Act」, 「Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection」, 「Contents Industry Promotion Act」. These Terms of Services may be amended to the extent that they do not violate related laws.
⑥ These Terms of Services may include country-specific supplementary provisions that apply to Members based on their country of residence. For additional terms that apply to the Member (which form a part of this Agreement and may supersede these terms), please check the country-specific addendum or the Company’s website for country-specific language. For problems that arise when Members use Game Services, unless they violate the laws of the country where the Member resides, the Company is not responsible for the problems. If violations occur, they may be supplemented later in the Terms.
⑦ The original language of these Terms of Services is Korean, and all translations are provided for reference purposes only. Member waives any right under the laws of her/ his country of residence to have these Terms written or interpreted in another language.

Article 5 (Conclusion and application of contract of use)
① The contract of use is concluded when the person who wants to become a Member (hereinafter referred to as the “Applicant”) agrees to the contents of this Agreement, applies for service use, and the Company approves the application.
② In principle, the Company accepts the Applicant’s application for Membership. However, the Company may refuse to accept applications for use that fall under any of the following subparagraphs.

1. If the contents of the application for use are falsely written, or the requirements for application for use are not met

2. In case the Company does not provide the service or applies for use through an abnormal or indirect method in a country where the service has not been decided to be provided

3. When applying for use to perform an act prohibited by current laws such as the 「Game Industry Promotion Act」

4. In case of applying to hinder social well-being and order or morals or harm the Company’s interests

5. In case to use the service for fraudulent purposes

6. In case to use the service to pursue profit

7. When applying for use through a Mobile Device, program, etc., for which the Company has restricted the use of the service

8. Under 「the Information and Communications Network Act and the Youth Protection Act」, if the Member is under the age of 19 (except for those who have reached the age of 19 on January 1 of the year they reach the age of 19, the same applies in this Article below)

9. In case the acceptance is judged inappropriate due to other reasons corresponding to each subparagraph.
③ In the case of any of the following subparagraphs, the Company may withhold approval until the cause is resolved.

1. If there is no room in the Company’s facilities, it is difficult to support a specific PC or Mobile Device, or there is a technical obstacle

2. In case of technical difficulties such as failure of service or payment method

3. If it is judged that it is difficult to accept the application for use due to other reasons similar to the above
④ When the Member completes the process of agreeing to the Terms of Services or entering the necessary information to use the service, the Company allows the Member to use the service immediately if there is no ground to suspend or refuse the consent. However, if the matters pursuant to Paragraph 2 are confirmed later, the use may be restricted, or the contract may be terminated under these Terms of Services provisions.
⑤ For users’ convenience, the Company may provide Temporary Member functions for Game Services. In the case of any of the following cases, while using the Temporary Member function, Account Information may be deleted, or records cannot be checked. The Account Information of the Game Service used through the Temporary Member function may not be linked or transferred later. In this case, the Company does not guarantee Account Information recovery and is not responsible for compensation or damages. However, this is not applicable in the case of intentional or gross negligence of the Company.

1. In case of changing PC or Mobile Device

2. In case of modification or initialization of PC or Mobile Device

3. In the case of deleting all or part of the Contents, such as Applications from a PC or Mobile Device

Article 6 (Rules other than Terms of Services)
Matters not specified in these Terms of Services and interpretation of these Terms of Services are determined under 「Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.」, 「Regulation of Terms of Services Act」, 「Game Industry Promotion Act」, 「Information and Communications Network Utilization Promotion and Information Protection Act」, 「Contents Industry Promotion Act」 and related laws or commercial customs.

Article 7 (Operational Policy)
Matters necessary for applying the Terms of Services and matters entrusted by specifying the specific scope in the Terms of Services can be set as the Game Service operation policy (hereinafter referred to as “Operating Policy”).
② The Company posts the contents of the Operating Policy within the Game Service or on its connection screen so Members can know about it.
③ When revising the Operating Policy, it follows the procedure in Article 4, Paragraph 2. However, if the revision falls under any of the following subparagraphs, it will be notified in advance by the method of Paragraph 2.

1. In the case of amending the matters delegated by specifying the scope specified in the Terms of Services

2. In case of revising matters not related to the rights and obligations of Members

3. If the Contents of the Operating Policy are not fundamentally different from the contents set forth in the Terms of Services and the Operating Policy is amended within the predictable range of the Member

Chapter 2 Personal Information Management

Article 8 (Protection and Use of Personal Information)
① The Company strives to protect the personal information of Members as stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations, and the protection and use of personal information are under the relevant laws and the Company’s personal information processing policy. However, the Company’s privacy policy does not apply to linked services other than those provided by the Company.
② The Company does not provide the Member’s personal information to others without the Member’s consent, except when there is a request from the relevant government agency under the relevant laws and regulations.
③ The Company is not responsible for any damage caused by leaked Member’s personal information or Account Information for reasons attributable to the Member.

Chapter 3 Obligations of the parties to the contract of use

Article 9 (Obligations of the Company)
① The Company faithfully observes the exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations stipulated in the relevant laws and these Terms of Services in good faith.
② The Company must have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that Members can use the service safely and disclose and comply with the personal information processing policy. The Company does not disclose or provide the Member’s personal information to third parties except as stipulated in these Terms of Services and the personal information processing policy.
③ In the event of equipment failure or data loss/damage during improvement work to provide continuous and stable service, the Company will do our best to repair or restore it without delay unless there are unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters, emergencies, failures, or defects that cannot be resolved with current technology, etc.

Article 10 (Obligations of Members)
① Members must not engage in any of the following acts concerning the use of the services provided by the Company.

1. When applying for use or changing Member information, an act of writing false facts or using other people’s information

2. Acts suspected of acquiring, using, trading, donating, transferring, or attempting to acquire, use, trade, gift, game information (ID, character, item, game money, etc.) through services not provided by the Company or abnormal methods

3. Impersonating an employee or operator of the Company or stealing someone else’s name to post or send e-mails, pretending to be someone else, or falsely specifying a relationship with another person

4. An act of purchasing Contents by stealing another person’s credit card, wired/wireless phone, bank account, etc., or fraudulently using another Member’s ID and password

5. Unauthorized collection, storage, posting, or dissemination of personal information of other Members

6. Conducting or inducing speculative acts such as gambling, exchanging or posting obscene or vulgar information, or linking (linking) obscene sites, or using words, sounds, writings, pictures, pictures, or videos that cause shame, disgust, or fear Inappropriate use of the service, such as transmitting or distributing to others

7. Unauthorized use of the service for purposes other than its original purposes, such as for-profit, sales, advertising, public relations, political activities, and election campaigns

8. Unauthorized copying, distribution, promotion, or commercial use of information obtained by using the Company’s service or exploiting known or unknown bugs to use the service

9. Acts of deceiving others to gain an advantage, acts of causing harm to others concerning the use of the Company’s services

10. Acts that infringe on the intellectual property rights or portrait rights of the Company or others, or acts that damage or damage the reputation of others

11. Acts of intentionally transmitting or posting information (computer programs) whose transmission or posting is prohibited by law or distributing or using viruses, computer code, files, programs, etc., designed to interfere with or destroy the normal operation of computer software/hardware or telecommunications equipment ⋅

12. An act to change the application without obtaining special rights from the Company, add or insert other programs into the application, hack or reverse engineer the server, leak or change source code or application data, build a separate server, or an act impersonating the Company by arbitrarily changing or stealing a part of the website

13. An act of using, distributing, or attempting to use software, applications, etc., that fall under subparagraphs 11 or 12

14. Acts such as paying the price, such as money, and asking others to proceed with the game (proxy fostering, etc.)

15. An act of using IP proxy or other methods by a Member to bypass geographic restrictions on the service or to hide her/ his residence for other purposes

16. Other acts that violate related laws or against good customs and other social norms
② Members are responsible for managing their accounts, PCs, and Mobile Devices and should not allow others to use them. The Company is not responsible for damages caused by poor management of PCs and Mobile Devices or consent to use by others.
③ Members must set up and manage security measures such as payment password functions to prevent fraudulent payments in each Open Market. The Company is not responsible for damages caused by the Member’s carelessness.
④ The Company may set the specific details of the following acts, and Members must follow them.

1. Member’s account name, character name, and other names used in the game

2. Affiliate service policy and other necessary matters
⑤ The Member is obliged to provide the Company with accurate, complete, and up-to-date information about the Member’s game account and to update the information to keep the information up-to-date.
⑥ The Member does not disclose the Member’s game account password, etc., to a third party and is obliged to notify the Company immediately in case of unauthorized use of the Member’s game account. The Member is responsible for all activities that occur to her/ his Game Account, whether or aware of it. The Member must notify the Company immediately if she or he believes Game Account is no longer secure. If the Member’s game account is judged to be unauthorized use by a third party, the Company may suspend or terminate the Member’s game account.
⑦ Members cannot sell, resell, rent, share, or provide access to their game accounts to third parties. In addition, Members may not create a game account for someone else or create a game account in a name other than their own. The Company reserves all legal rights and remedies that may be exercised to prevent unauthorized use of these Company Services, including but not limited to contacting the Member’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly concerning technical barriers, IP mapping, and unauthorized use.
⑧ If the Member violates the obligations stipulated in this Article, the Company may suspend or terminate the Member’s game account. The Company is not responsible for any damages caused by the Member’s violation of these obligations.

Chapter 4 Use of Services and Restrictions on Use

Article 11 (Provision of Service)
① Under the provisions of Article 5, the Company makes the service immediately available to Members who have completed the use contract. However, in the case of some services, the service can be started from the designated date according to the needs of the Company.
② In providing services to Members, the Company may provide other additional services, including the services stipulated in these Terms of Services.

Article 12 (Use of Service)
① Game Service is provided for a set time according to the Company’s business policy. The Company appropriately informs the service provision time within the Game Service or in the announcement. Unless otherwise indicated or notified, it is based on 24-hour delivery.
② Notwithstanding Paragraph 1, the Company may temporarily suspend all or part of the service in the following cases. In this case, the Company will notify the reason and period of suspension in advance on the initial screen of the game application or within the Game Service. However, if unavoidable circumstances prevent notification in advance, it may be notified later.

1. When it is necessary for system operation, such as regular system inspection, server expansion, replacement, network instability, etc.

2. In case normal service cannot be provided due to power outage, failure of service facilities, congestion of service use, facility maintenance or inspection of telecommunications service providers, etc.

3. In the event of circumstances beyond the control of the Company, such as wars, incidents, natural disasters, or equivalent national emergencies.
③ The Company provides services using dedicated applications or networks for PCs and Mobile Devices. Members can download and install the Application or use the service for free or for a fee by using the network.
④ In the case of paid Contents, Members must pay the fee specified for the service to use it. When downloading an application or using a service through a network, the subscribed mobile carrier may incur a separate fee.
⑤ In the case of services used through applications or network services downloaded and installed on mobile, they are provided according to the characteristics of the Mobile Device or mobile carrier, and in the case of changing the Mobile Device, changing the number, or roaming overseas, it may not be possible to use all or part of the functions of the Game Service, in which case the company is not responsible.
⑥ In the case of downloaded and installed applications or services used through the network, background tasks may be in progress. At this time, additional charges may be incurred to suit the Mobile Device’s or carrier’s characteristics, and the Company is not responsible for any related matters.
⑦ Notwithstanding Paragraph 1, if the provision of the service is prohibited or restricted at a specific time or method in the relevant laws, business association compliance rules, etc., the service may not be provided, and the Company is not responsible for any matters related to this.
⑧ The Company may restrict, modify, or set limits on access to and use specific Contents, virtual goods, and games or all or part of the service, depending on the country in which the Member resides. If all or part of the Contents, Virtual Goods, Games, or Services are unavailable in the country of residence without these limitations, they may only be available in a modified version. In addition, services, etc., may be restricted if the Member does not comply with the laws applicable to the Member’s country of residence.
⑨ The Company may introduce one or more beta versions (hereinafter referred to as ‘Beta’) of company services and games. As the name indicates, the Beta is not a commercially released version, there is no guarantee that it will work properly, and other parts of the Member’s system may not work properly. For the license granted to the Member to be extended to the Beta, the Member must agree to the following. If the Member uses the Beta, it is deemed to have agreed to the following, even if there is no separate consent.

1. The Company may automatically delete or modify information stored on the Member’s computer to the Beta at any time during the Beta test period for any reason.

2. The Company may terminate the Beta test at any time, which may result in the Member’s Beta becoming unplayable or unable to function properly. When Company terminates the Beta, a Member must delete the local Beta instance on the Member’s computer and all documents and materials that the Member has received from the Company in connection with the Beta. The Company may delete such information under 1. above.

3. Use of the Beta is subject to the confidentiality of that Beta and all related elements. Confidential Information means any information disclosed by the Company to a Member, accessed, or provided by the Member in connection with the Beta (including any feedback submitted and the Game itself). In this regard, the Member shall (1) not use any confidential Information except as necessary to use the Beta, (2) assume the duty of care of a good administrator in keeping the confidential Information strictly confidential and protect the confidential Information, (3) be obliged not to disclose confidential Information to any third party other than those authorized by the Company, and (4) not post, disclose, announce any information related to the Beta (e.g., screenshots and specifications, etc.) without the prior written approval of the Company.

4. The Company’s Beta termination does not result in any refund obligations. Even if a Member participates in the Beta, the Member is not entitled to any compensation or free services, including Contents and game currency.
⑩ If the Company releases a full (non-Beta) version of a specific game, the Company may allow Beta users to continue using the full version. If the full version is released, Paragraph 9 above will no longer apply, but the remaining provisions of these Terms of Services will continue to apply.

Article 13 (Change and Suspension of Service)
① The Company may change the service according to operational or technical needs for smooth service provision and notify the contents of the service before the change. However, if there is an unavoidable need for change, such as a bug/error fix or emergency update, or if it does not correspond to a significant change, it may be notified later.
② The Company may suspend all services if it is difficult to continue the service due to business reasons such as business transfer, discontinuation of business due to division or merger, expiration of game provision contract, and significant deterioration in service revenue. In this case, the date of suspension, reasons for the suspension, conditions of compensation, etc., are notified on the initial screen of the Game Service or its connection screen 30 days prior to the suspension date, and the Member is notified by the method of Article 27, Paragraph 1.
③ In the case of Paragraph 2, refunds will be made under Article 24, Paragraph 3, for contents provided through the Paid Payment that has not been used or for which the remaining period of use has remained due to a separate period of use.

Article 14 (Collection of Information, etc.)
① The Company may store information on mutual relationships between Members, and only the Company has this information. The Company can view this information only to mediate disputes between Members, handle civil complaints, or maintain game order, and only when authorized by law.
② If the Company or a third party accesses information such as chatting under Paragraph 1, the Company notifies the Member of the reason and scope of access in advance. However, if it is necessary to view this information in relation to the investigation, processing, or confirmation of prohibited acts under Article 10, Paragraph 1, or damage relief caused by such acts, it may be notified afterward.
③ The Company may collect and utilize Members’ PC and Mobile Device information (settings, specifications, operating system version, subscribed carrier information, etc.), excluding Members’ personal information, for smooth and stable operation and quality improvement of services.
④ The Company may request additional information from Members to improve services and introduce services to Members. The Member may accept or reject this request, and if the Company makes this request, the Member is notified that the Member may reject this request.
⑤ In games and other services provided by the Company, there may be built-in mechanisms (hereinafter referred to as ‘Cheating Detection Software,’ etc.) designed to prevent granting unfair preferential treatment to one user compared to other users (hereinafter ‘Cheating Activity,’ etc.). The Company may periodically add or update Cheating Detection Software and the like as necessary in the Company’s sole discretion. In addition, under the Company’s Privacy Policy and applicable laws, the service or Cheating Detection Software may collect and transmit details about the user’s game account, gameplay, and unauthorized programs or processes related to cheating.

Article 15 (Provision of Advertisement)
① The Company may place advertisements within the service concerning the operation of the service. In addition, advertising information can be transmitted by e-mail, text service (LMS/SMS), push notification, etc., only to Members who have agreed to receive it. In this case, the Member can reject the reception at any time, and the Company does not send advertising information when the Member rejects the reception.
② User may be linked to advertisements or services provided by others through banners or links within the services provided by the Company.
③ If users are connected to an advertisement or service provided by another person under Paragraph 2, the service provided in that area is not the service area of the Company, so the Company does not guarantee reliability, stability, etc., and the Company is not responsible for any damage caused by the Member. However, this shall not apply if the Company intentionally or grossly negligently facilitates the occurrence of damages or does not take measures to prevent damages.

Article 16 (Attribution of Copyright, etc.)
① Copyrights and other intellectual property rights for all Contents in the service produced by the Company belong to the Company.
② Members shall not use the information obtained by using the services provided by the Company or the provider for commercial purposes or make it available to others by means such as reproduction or transmission (including editing, publication, performance, distribution, broadcasting, creation of derivative works, etc.) without the prior consent of the Company or the provider.
③ Concerning the Contents within the service (including explicit Contents such as characters, images, and sound sources, and indirect Contents such as service-related information), Members or other users communicate images, sound, and all materials and information through the service. For information (hereinafter referred to as “User’s Contents”), the Company permits the use of the information in the following ways and conditions.

1. Using the User’s Contents, changing the editing format, and other transformations (publication, reproduction, performance, transmission, distribution, broadcasting, creation of secondary works, etc. can be used in any form, and there are no restrictions on the period and region of use)

2. Not selling, renting, or transferring User’s Contents for trading without the prior consent of the user who created the User’s Contents.
④ This Article is valid while the Company operates the service and continues to apply even after Membership withdrawal.

Article 16-1 (Streaming Policy)
① The Company permits Members to make live or recorded gameplay videos (hereinafter referred to as ‘Videos, etc.’) in which Members enjoy the game and share the game experience with others Contents of the Company’s games, to the extent stipulated in this Article, and except as provided in this Section, the use of the Company Contents constitutes an illegal act that infringes the Company’s copyrights and other property rights.
② Members’ use of the Company’s Contents in Videos should be limited to non-commercial purposes.
③ The Member cannot receive a fee or other form of compensation from a third party who uses the Company’s Contents or license the Member’s Videos, etc., for other commercial purposes without prior written permission from the Company.
④ Videos created by Members must comply with the following.

1. In the case of production with prior written permission from the Company, the Member’s Videos using the Company’s Contents must include a commentary that the Company’s Contents were produced for educational or promotional purposes with the Company’s permission, and the Videos, etc. of originality must be included.

2. Production of unoriginal Videos, such as Videos made with screen cuts from games or game soundtracks, without a specific explanation of the Member’s content is prohibited.

3. In the case of videos made without the Company’s prior written permission, they shall not contain any content that implies that the Company has produced the Videos, etc., or that the Company is the Member, or that the Company guarantees the Member.

4. It must not contain cheating, hacking, exploitation, bugs, or information about third-party programs linked to it.

5. Members must not use the Company Contents in any manner that could damage the dignity or damage the reputation of the Company, its affiliates, the Company’s products, the Company’s content, brand value, goodwill, etc.

6. Any action or activity that violates applicable laws or public morals and ethics must not be included in the Videos, etc.

7. The Member shall write in an easy-to-read font at the beginning of the Videos, such as a video, or in the case of live streaming, near the Videos, “The portion of the content provided herein, including trademarks, copyrights, and all other intellectual property notices, is owned by Project Moon, and all rights to such content part are owned by Project Moon. This video, etc., is not the official content of Project Moon and is not endorsed or approved by Project Moon.”
⑤ Subject to compliance with this Paragraph and these Terms of Services, Members may use Company Contents to create Videos, etc., and Members are free to distribute them on websites where viewers are allowed to watch these Videos, etc., without paying any kind of fee.
⑥ The Company allows the Member to receive payment in the following two ways, provided that the Member complies with this Paragraph and these Terms of Services.

1. Monetize Member’s Videos that utilize Company’s Contents through advertisements provided by platforms that host Member’s Videos, such as YouTube or Twitch;

2. Receipt of donations via the donation link posted in the user profile or video description section of the platform
⑦ Notwithstanding the preceding, the Company may, in its sole judgment, suspend the Member’s right to host, distribute, or otherwise provide videos using the Company’s Contents, without notice to or liability to the Member for any reason of the Company’s business or otherwise. In this case, the Company may take appropriate measures regarding the termination of the rights to these Videos, such as contacting the user, the relevant website, platform, etc.

Article 17 (Purchase, Use Period, and Use of Paid Contents)
① Contents paid through Paid Payment within the service are attributed to the Member’s Account Information and can be used on a PC or Mobile Device logged in with the account. However, Temporary Members can only use it on devices that have downloaded or installed the application.
② The period of use of Contents provided through Paid Payment follows the period of use if separately specified at the time of purchase. However, in the case of service interruption under Article 13, Paragraph 2, the period of use of Contents without a fixed period shall be until the date of service suspension announced at the time of service suspension notice.
③ In the case of exchange for other Contents in the service or Contents consumed when using the Contents (hereinafter referred to as ‘Game Goods’), it may be provided through Paid Payment or free of charge, depending on the use of the service.

Article 18 (Restrictions on Service Use for Members)
① Members must not commit any act that violates the Member’s obligations under Article 10. In the case of such an act, the Company restricts the Member’s use of the service according to the classification of the following subparagraphs. It deletes related information (words, photos, videos, etc.) and other measures, including restrictions on use. The specific reasons and procedures for violating the obligations of Members subject to use restriction measures are determined in the operation policy of individual games under Article 19, Paragraph 1.

1. Restriction of certain rights: Restriction of certain rights, such as initialization of game information for a certain period

2. Restrictions on account use: Restricting the use of Member accounts for a certain period or permanently

3. Restrictions on Member use: Restrict Members’ use of Game Services for a certain period or permanently
② If the restriction of use in Paragraph 1 is justified, the Company shall not compensate the member for the damage suffered by the Member due to the use restriction.
③ The Company may suspend the use of the service of the account until the investigation of the following issues is completed.

1. When a legitimate report is received that the account has been hacked or stolen

2. If suspected of being an illegal program user, workplace, etc.

3. In case provisional measures for service use are necessary for other reasons corresponding to the above
④ After the investigation in Paragraph 3 is completed, in the case of Contents provided through Paid Payment, the Member’s usage time is extended by the amount of time suspended or compensated with equivalent Contents. However, this does not apply if the Member falls under the reasons of each of the subparagraphs of Paragraph 3.

Article 19 (Reasons and Procedures for Use Restriction Measures)
① The Company determines the use of restriction measures and specific reasons and procedures under Article 18, Paragraph 1 as the Operating Policy in consideration of all circumstances, such as the Contents, degree, frequency, and result of prohibited acts under Article 10, Paragraph 1.
② If the Company takes measures to restrict use under Article 18, Paragraph 1, the following items are notified to the Member in advance and notified within the service. However, in unavoidable cases, it may be notified later.

1. Reasons for Restriction of Use

2. Type and period of use restriction

3. How to file an objection to restrictions on the use

Article 20 (Procedure for the objection against use restriction measures)
① When a Member wishes to object to the Company’s use restrictions, she or he must submit an objection to the Company in writing or electronically, stating the reason for dissatisfaction with the Company’s use restrictions within 15 days from the date of notification.
② The Company responds to the Member’s reason for dissatisfaction within 15 days from the date of receipt of the objection under Paragraph 1 in writing or by electronic document and takes action accordingly. However, if it is difficult to respond within 15 days, the Company will notify the Member of the reason and processing schedule.

Chapter 5 Withdrawal of Subscription, Refund of Overpayment, and Termination of Use Contract

Article 21 (Payment)
① In principle, the imposition and payment of the purchase price for the Contents follow the policy or method set by the mobile communication company or Open Market operator. In addition, the limit for each payment method may be granted or adjusted according to the policy set by the Company, Open Market operator, Payment Company, or government policy.
② In the case of paying for the content purchase in a foreign currency, the actual billed amount may differ from the price displayed in the service store, etc., due to exchange rates and fees.

Article 22 (Withdrawal of subscription, etc.)
① Members who have signed a contract for the purchase of paid Contents with the Company can withdraw their subscription without the burden of additional fees or penalties within 7 days from the later of the date of the purchase contract or the date the Contents is available.
② Members cannot withdraw their subscriptions under Paragraph 1 against the will of the Company in the following cases. However, in the case of a purchase contract consisting of divisible Contents, this does not apply to the remaining parts of divisible Contents that do not fall under each of the following subparagraphs.

1. Contents used or applied immediately upon purchase

2. Contents in which additional benefits are used, if additional benefits are provided

3. If there is an act of opening Contents that can be seen as a use or whose utility is determined at the time of opening
③ In the case of Contents that cannot be withdrawn under each subparagraph of Paragraph 2, the Company clearly displays the fact in a place where Members can easily find out and provides trial use products for the Contents (temporary use permitted, experience only) or if it is difficult to provide it, the Company provides information about the Contents so that the exercise of the Member’s right to withdraw the subscription is not hindered. If the Company does not take these measures, the Member may withdraw the subscription despite the reasons for the restriction on subscription withdrawal in each subparagraph of Paragraph 2.
④ Notwithstanding Paragraphs 1 and 2, if the content of the paid Contents purchased by the Member is different from the content of the display advertisement or is performed differently from the contents of the contract, the Member may withdraw the subscription within 3 months from the date of purchase or availability of the Contents, and within 30 days from the date on which the Member knew or could have known about the fact.
⑤ If the Member withdraws the subscription, the Company can check the purchase details through the platform operator or Open Market operator. In addition, the Company may contact the Member through the information provided by the Member to confirm the Member’s legitimate reason for withdrawal and may request additional evidence.
⑥ If the subscription is withdrawn under the provisions of paragraphs 1 to 4, the Company will immediately retrieve the Member’s paid Contents and refund the payment within 3 business days. In this case, when the Company delays the refund, the delayed interest is calculated by multiplying the delay period by the interest rate set forth in the 「Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.」 and Article 21-3 of the Enforcement Decree of the same Act is paid.

Article 23 (Refund of Overpayment)
① In case of overpayment, the Company refunds the overpayment to the Member. However, if the Member’s negligence causes an overpayment without intention or negligence on the part of the Company, the actual refund cost shall be borne by the Member within a reasonable range.
② Paid Payment follows the payment method provided by the Open Market operator. In the event of an overpayment in the payment process, a refund must be requested from the Company or Open Market operator. However, depending on the Open Market operator’s policies and systems, the Company may request the Open Market operator to complete the necessary refund procedures.
③ Telecommunication fees (call charges, data communication charges, etc.) incurred by downloading applications or using network services may be excluded from the refund.
④ Refunds are made according to the refund policy of the Open Market operator or the Company, depending on the type of operating system of the PC or Mobile Device using the service.
⑤ Contents obtained free of charge during service use by the Member without paying a fee, or provided free of charge by the Company through internal or external affiliate events, etc., is not eligible for a refund.
⑥ The Company may contact the Member through the information provided by the Member to process the refund of the overpayment and may request the provision of the necessary information. The Company refunds within 3 business days from the date of receiving the information necessary for a refund from the Member.

Article 24 (Termination of contract, etc.)
When a Member wishes to terminate the use contract, the Member herself/ himself may use the menu within the service or apply for Membership withdrawal through the customer center, and upon completion of withdrawal, the Member’s game information (characters, items, game money, etc.) will be deleted. And its recovery is impossible. Deletion of the application or termination of linkage with affiliated services is not recognized as termination of the contract of use.
② If there is a serious reason that the Member cannot maintain this contract, such as an act prohibited by these Terms of Services and the Operation Policy thereof, the Company may suspend the use of the service or terminate the use contract for a considerable period in advance.
③ Refunds and damages under Paragraphs 1 and 2 will be made under the 「Contents User Protection Guidelines」.
④ To protect the personal information of Members who have not used the Company’s services for 1 year consecutively from the latest service use date (hereinafter referred to as “dormant account”), the Company may terminate the use contract and take measures such as destroying the Member’s personal information. In this case, the Member is notified that measures such as termination of the contract and destruction of personal information are to be taken, and the personal information is to be destroyed 30 days prior to the date of action.

Chapter 6 Compensation for damages and disclaimer, etc.

Article 25 (Compensation for Damages)
① The Company or Member shall be responsible for compensating for the damages caused to the other party by violating these Terms of Services. However, this does not apply if there is no intention or negligence.
② When the Company enters into an alliance agreement with an individual service provider and provides individual service to a Member, and the Member agrees to the Terms of Services for individual service, and then damages occur due to reasons attributable to the individual service provider, the individual service provider is responsible for the related damage.

Article 26 (Indemnification of the Company)
① The Company is not responsible for providing the service if it cannot provide the service due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure.
② The Company is not responsible for damages caused by repair, replacement, regular inspection, construction, etc., of service facilities. However, this does not apply if the Company is intentional or negligent.
③ The Company is not responsible for any obstacles in using the service caused by the Member’s intention or negligence. However, this does not apply when the Member has unavoidable or legitimate reasons.
④ The Company is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of information or data posted by Members concerning the service unless there is intentional or gross negligence.
⑤ The Company has no obligation to intervene in transactions or disputes between Members and others through the service and is not responsible for any damages resulting from this.
⑥ The Company is not responsible for any damages incurred to Members in connection with the use of free services. However, this does not apply in the case of intentional or gross negligence of the Company.
⑦ The Company is not responsible for the Member’s failure to obtain or lose the expected benefits by using the service.
⑧ The Company is not responsible for losing the Member’s game information (experience points, ratings, items, game money, etc.). However, this does not apply if the Company is intentional or negligent.
⑨ Members are not responsible for third-party payments caused by not managing the password setting function of PCs and Mobile Devices and the password setting function provided by the Open Market. However, this does not apply if the Company is intentional or negligent.
⑩ The Company shall not be held liable if all or part of the Contents is unavailable due to changes in PC or Mobile Device, change in mobile phone number, upgrade or change in an operating system (OS), overseas roaming, change in a telecommunications company, etc. However, this does not apply if the Company is intentional or negligent.
⑪ If Member deletes the Contents or Account Information provided by the Company, the Company is not responsible for it. However, this does not apply if the Company is intentional or negligent.
⑫ The Company is not responsible for damages caused by Temporary Members using the service. However, this does not apply if the Company is intentional or negligent.
⑬ The game may contain flashes of light, images, and other luminous stimuli that may cause epileptic seizures in certain individuals. If the user or anyone in her/ his household has epilepsy, or if the user doesn’t, the user should consult her/ his doctor before playing the game. In addition, if the user experiences dizziness, blurred vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of consciousness, disorientation, involuntary movements, or convulsions while playing, the user should stop playing the game immediately and consult her/ his doctor. The Company does not take any responsibility for damages caused by the user’s constitution or excessive use.

Article 27 (Notification to Members)
① If the Company notifies the Member, it can be done through the Member’s e-mail address, e-memo, message in the service, LMS/SMS, etc.
② When the Company notifies all Members, it can be substituted for the notification in Paragraph 1 by posting in the Game Service for more than 7 days or presenting a pop-up screen.

Article 28 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)
These Terms of Services will be governed by and construed under the laws of the Republic of Korea. If a lawsuit is filed due to a dispute between the Company and the Member, the court shall be the competent court under the procedure prescribed by law.

Article 29 (Member’s Grievance Handling and Dispute Resolution)
① Considering the Member’s convenience, the Company guides Members on presenting their opinions or complaints within the Game Service or on the connection screen. The Company operates dedicated personnel to handle the opinions or complaints of these Members.
② If the opinion or complaint raised by the Member is objectively recognized as legitimate, the Company will promptly process it within a reasonable period. However, if the processing takes a long time, the reason for the long-term processing and the processing schedule is notified to the Member within the Game Service or notice under Article 27, Paragraph 1.
③ If a dispute arises between the Company and a Member and a third-party mediation agency mediates, the Company can faithfully prove the measures taken to the Member, such as restrictions on use, and follow the mediation of the mediation agency.

These Terms of Services are effective from February 27, 2023.